Running Uphill

Session Three

Rat Packs & ROM Hacks

Now in possession of the long sought after optical disc, the team decided to confirm that it was in fact what their employer was looking for before turning it over. Crescent Striker and Chalk traveled back to The Cathode Glow in search of a device old enough to play the disc, and paid the owner to keep the hackers in the bar from interfering. The disc was revealed to contain an encrypted music file that made it virtually unplayable.

Chalk hired a trusted hacker through ShadowSEA to decrypt the file, who partly succeeded. The hacker reported that the disc contained two layers of encryption, the first of which was easily bypassed, the second of which was designed to destroy the data on the disc should it be tampered with. Striker decided that his mechanic contact, Silver, might be able to give further information on how to deal with the disc.

Striker and Ariel arrived at the garage and met with Silver at her garage, who jury-rigged a contraption with which to play the half-decrypted disc while upgrading Striker’s cyberarm. The music, while not of a particularly good quality, was discernible after some tinkering. After some prompting and looking at the inscription on the disc (Carrion Sessions ’48), Silver recalled hearing about Carrion Studios, a recording label.

The team made a copy of the recording and returned to base to find Ahriman and Chalk putting away a statuette of Baron Samedi and a dismantled pistol respectively. While deciding whether to hand the disc over to Mr. Johnson immediately or to investigate further, Ahriman was overcome with a distinct feeling of unease, the reason for which is unknown. With that, he effectively convinced the team to continue investigating.

Striker discovered the location of Carrion Studios, now bankrupt and reacquired. They traveled there and met with Stan Latsky, the janitor there. After revealing that the studio declined due to embezzlement on the part of several members of the upper-management, Latsky mentioned Simone Derringer, the ex-head engineer, as a possible source of further information. Latsky then allowed Ariel and Ahriman into the records room, which lead to the events which are now known as The Devil Rat Massacre.

Narrowly avoiding death, the team spent the next hour sorting through the mess of records, eventually finding a box containing an account of a recording session that took place with one JetBlack, matching the ‘JB’ scrawled on the disc. The account revealed that the recording took place in secret, and confirmed that Simone Derringer was involved.

The team found out through their Mr. Johnson that Simone had moved to the Barrens after suffering from BTL abuse, and was currently making her living selling the same devices that lead to her downfall. It was here that the second and final law of Ahriman’s apartment was broken, as the team ordered pizza straight to his door and got pizza sauce everywhere. None of the team has been punished by death as of yet. One can only assume Ahriman has begun a decade long plot to enact his own brand of justice.

The team traveled to the Barrens and Ariel met with her by posing as a drug addict in need of a fix. He revealed his true purpose shortly afterwards, however, and Simone invited the team to her house in order to discuss the matter further. It was here that the team met Louis, who thoroughly freaked out the vast majority of the team with his cryptic messages while they waited for Simone to return with their information.


dat title highfive

Session Three

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