Running Uphill

Session One


Codename Crescent Striker arrived on the Shadowrunning scene and was quickly adopted into Trance’s latest team alongside Ariel (unsatisfied with her previous fixer), Chalk (unsatisfied with his hindrance of a reputation) and Ahriman (generally satisfied and already working for Trance.)

After greetings were over, the team set off to meet their Mr. Johnson, a flamboyant troll named Darius St. George. Their mission, which they chose to accept, was to track down an optical disc (allegedly stolen from Darius’ employers’ home) and return it.

The group’s initial legwork lead them to a young ork rock star named Nabo, who had been contacted as a possible buyer for the disc. The team discovered that Nabo was performing at a converted warehouse the following night, and after scoping out the location, endeavored to acquire Nabo’s commlink for further clues.

After a brief skirmish involving Ariel, some flirting, a number of ork security guards and an unconscious dwarf rigger, an invisible Ahriman infiltrated the warehouse and stole away with the commlink amidst the distraction of a rioting crowd.

The team returned to Ahriman’s apartment, who swore that it would not become the team’s base of operations, and threatened the team with death should they order pizza. Chalk set about finding contacts to provide Ariel with hacking skillsofts with which to access the commlink, during which the rest of the team sat back and relaxed.


On the subject of ordering food during jobs, is Striker the only member to take packed lunches with him?

Session One

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