Magician, maby human, very Strange


Ahriman is a slender, male human (apparent) who always wears a blank white face mask and has a rich southern accent. he also dresses in a permanantly old fashioned style and seems to actively avoid cyberwear and implanted technology as much as possible. this avoidance seems rather luddite, but his skill with chemistry indicates more than a passing familiarity with science and technology. has a love of vintage guns, music and dark colours.

His primary talent is powerful magic which seems to run the gamut from physically manipulative spells to illusion, in which he specializes. the only type of magic he avoids seemingly is elemental magic but he has been known to summon earth elemental spirits.

Mostly an acerbic and somewhat standoffish person, he has been known to occasionaly give in to some kind of spontaneous burst of kindness, including fixing hot-chocolate for the entire team after a particularly stressful mission. just dont ask him to cook anything, for this is the man who eats Naga Viper peppers as a snack.


Ahriman refuses to discuss his history or his past point blank beyond a warning to keep away from such topics. he also constantly hides his face from public view and will go out of his way to prevent anyone seeing it. he currently works for Trance, having approached him some time ago and built up a reasonable working rapport with the fellow. He currently plays team mage to a newly concocted group of shadowrunners comprised of himself, close aquaintance ariel (whom he has an…interesting relationship with), newbies Striker (tin samuri) and Dawn (little cyberlady) and chalk (gunslinger)

He is a notably skilled mage, having recently infiltrated a heavily populated building while invisible, sustained the summoning of an Earth elemental spirit and telekineticaly levitated a cybernetic warbear into the air, suficciently high to bring it crashing back down and destroying a van (and a rigger) in the process.


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