"Ariel Mackenzie"

All of the Skillz, None of the Privilege


Promiscuous androgynous genderqueer black human changeling adept and fancy hat enthusiast endowed with ludicrous charisma and many related gifts.



Is always looking out for number one and has trouble with even platonic long-term commitments, so probably has some trust issues caused by a betrayal by a close friend or family member in childhood or young adulthood, you know how these things work. Also probably dealt with racism / sexism / homophobia / transphobia / anti-SURGE issues or something. Dislikes Lone Star to an absurd degree, even for a shadowrunner. Also gets very antsy around hacker bars.

Has stuck around with “Ahriman” for a while now, longer than most partners, though this may just be out of curiosity about what’s under the mask. Got shepherded into working for Ahriman’s fixer “Trance” after eir old fixer “Duck” became a useless drunken reprobate and ran em into a dead end. Now spends most days hitting on teammates, hitting on everything that isn’t teammates, one-hit KO’ing guards, getting one-hit KO’d by guards, making innuendoes about the phrase “getting one-hit KO’d”, making it look easy to get leads out of the most tight-lipped of informants, learning everyone’s secrets, sending random strangers to Room 616 at the Fairmont Olympic hotel, and generally living hard and fast.

Carries a black rabbit emotitoy named Cadbury. Is very sentimental about and protective of Cadbury.

"Ariel Mackenzie"

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