Boston John

Bostonite Babysitter


Unknown Occupation


Boston John is a Troll who lives in the Barrens of Seattle. It is as of yet unclear whether John permanently resides in the house where he first met the team, or whether he moves around like his acquaintance, Louis. Though the two have not been seen together, it is reasonable to assume that John also knows Simone, as the two seem to have similar responsibilities taking care of Louis. His exact relation to Louis and Simone is unknown, though he seemed irritated at the prospect of Louis becoming upset by Ariel.

Much of Boston John’s past is written in his features. One of his horns has been broken off, and his face is adorned with scars. While he seems friendly and willing enough to help, there is a certain tension in the way he holds himself, as if expecting trouble to break out at any moment. This may point to a life of military service or time spent in a street gang, though it is impossible to know without asking him. Whatever his past holds, there can be no doubt that violence played a major role.

John was willing to give information to the team regarding the fates of Alev Chinova and his men, though he didn’t seem at all phased by the concept of the massacre.

Boston John

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