Citizen Scoundrel

All Work, All Play


Member of The Night Shift
Professional Showoff


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Citizen Scoundrel grew up surrounded by Trid programs that followed and glorified the lives of Shadowrunners. Shows such as Escape from L.A. and Running with the Stars warped his view of crime and made him desperate to join the ranks of the criminally famous. He succeeded, to a point, and was signed on to be the star of the new show Fallen Angels when The Crash 2.0 arrived. The company that had signed Scoundrel was destroyed practically overnight, and was being absorbed by Horizon the very next day. All records of Scoundrel were lost, not just his Fallen Angels contract, but his entire career in show business.

Determined to start up again and charm his way into another contract amidst the chaos of the Crash, Scoundrel became the target of several up-and-coming Shadowrunners who saw him as both a threat and an opportunity for stardom. After surviving a number of attempts on his life (some more narrowly than others), Scoundrel was counseled by his few remaining contacts to flee the city. He stubbornly refused for a short while, before he was eventually driven away by a lack of funds and overabundance of enemies. Upon arriving in Seattle he was quickly recruited by Trance and joined The Night Shift.

Scoundrel’s style of Shadowrunning is quite unusual for the Seattle scene. While there is no shortage of ’runners with an exhibitionist approach to jobs, the vast majority of these ’runners have a very low life expectancy. Scoundrel mixes his showboating with precision and care, allowing him to make a scene without, for example, setting off every alarm in the building. How much of this is down to his own forward-thinking and how much is due to the leadership of Birdseye would most certainly vary depending on who you asked.

Scoundrel takes great care to make himself look presentable when preparing for a mission. His rationale being that if he’s gonna get caught on a security camera, he might as well look good. He is also identifiable thanks to the tattoos that cover his arms. An intricate crimson tattoo, which seems to be somewhat tribal in nature, covers his right arm, while his left is taken up entirely by golden scales. The significance of these tattoos is not readily apparent.

Along with Silicon-31, Citizen Scoundrel approached Ahriman and Crescent Striker to give them a heads up that their second in command, Lucia, suspected Ariel of an unspecified offence. Neither of them seemed to share Lucia’s anger, however, and instead appeared to see the events as some kind of joke.

Citizen Scoundrel

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