In De-Stress


Bartender and waitress at The Ember


Damsel first started working at The Ember in 2071 as a means of getting by until a better job opportunity presented itself. After working there for some months and being considered trustworthy by both patrons and owners alike, she was allowed to tend the back room. At first the shadowy dealings and dangerous patrons seemed frightening, but she quickly discovered that this was the opportunity she had been waiting for.

Before long, Damsel was making friends with some powerful people, and pretending to be friends with some others. She learned a long time ago to choose her real friends wisely, however, after a particularly drunk and lecherous customer tried to force her to dance on one of the podiums. To the surprise of all onlookers, she was able to overpower and subdue the customer by way of a choke-hold, leading to the barring of said customer and the giving of the ironic nickname ‘Damsel’.

Damsel is now considered a respected and trustworthy fiend of the shadows by most Ember regulars. On her time off, she will usually stay in the Ember, drink and practice/teach mundane magic tricks.


Running Uphill Wadling