Master of Swords, Tea and Wit


Master Samurai
Striker’s contact and mentor


Much of Heihachi’s past is lost, due to both the inevitable passing of time and the inevitable passing of those who might remember it. His exact age is a terrible secret known only to him and anybody who asks, but a good estimate would place him at at least eighty years, barring medical youth treatments. This makes him a relic from a long-forgotten time before the world changed, before The Awakening.

What is clear is that Heihachi was living in Japan when (presumably as a teenager) he joined the Yakuza. This is clearly evident as he sports a large Japanese dragon tattoo, which takes up most of his upper body. Of course, he never shows this tattoo in public. Only his closest friends and top students are privileged enough to see it in its full glory. The tattoo is hardly a secret, however, as anyone who has overheard Heihachi complaining about how the emergence of real dragons ‘ruined it for everybody’ can attest to.

It is unclear how much of Heihachi’s life was spent within the Yakuza. At some point he abandoned the organisation for unknown reasons, and was forced to leave the country as a result. Even today Heihachi still harbours tensions with the local Seattle Yakuza gangs that are located nearby. Though only Heihachi knows why they approach him so frequently, every now and again Yakuza members can be seen fleeing or being dragged away from his dojo after an altercation with the old man.

The dojo itself is an abandoned warehouse that has been renovated and transformed into a makeshift training school for aspiring swordsmen and women. It has also attracted the attention of the local homeless population, who have taken the liberty of moving in to take advantage of Heihachi’s zero-tolerance policy on gangs. Heihachi seems to enjoy protecting his new squatter allies from criminals and law enforcement alike, though he deals with the latter using soft language and diplomacy rather than force.

Some time after setting up the dojo, Heihachi became the master of one Crescent Striker, then known as Jin. The two struggled together fighting to put a number of demons to rest, and eventually Jin was tamed into the peace-loving cyber-samurai that can be seen today. The two became very close, and it is no secret that Heihachi sees Jin not only as his top student, but also as a kind of family. Heihachi was one of the people assisting Jin in becoming a Shadowrunner, and seems happy for him to embark upon a life of crime. Whether this is the result of a skewed moral value system or simply another lesson for Jin is a mystery. But it’s almost certainly both.

Recently Heihachi offered his guidance to Striker when he was struggling with his reliance on the drug, Kamikaze, and the effect it had on his combat practices. He also accompanied the team on a trip to the murder site of Alev Chinova and his team. Upon being picked up, he was seen saying goodbye to three of his students: a cocksure elf, a bruised human and a jolly ork. He was able to assist in determining that some sort of claw or tusk was used in the attack at the murder site, and later apprehended a local gangster who had been spying on/hiding from the team in a pile of garbage. Upon returning to his home he was stopped by a man in a suit, who was promptly threatened into leaving.

Heihachi seems to have a genuine interest in Striker’s teammates. While traveling with them in Dawn’s van, he asked and invited questions. He seemed to like both the answers and questions he received, and warmed to the group rather quickly, going so far as to invite them to his home for tea and sword-based smackdowns.


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