Jin "Crescent Striker"

Young, impulsive and crawling with blades.


At the start of the adventure Jin resembled a pale, quiet and scrawny looking man usually layered up for an eternity of harsh winters easily mistaken for an addict of some sort. With the sudden surge of wealth, Jin has made himself look more upstanding and thanks to the added social interaction he now finds himself more talkative and at ease among others.

However beneath this guise lies a body of metal and a heart of ever burning vengeance. With the exception of half his upper body and some organs, he is all cyberwear designed for infiltration, combat and hauling ass.

Jin is a street samurai who relies on martial arts, melee weapons, grenades and gadgets to take down any opponents he will probably make. He has recently acquired a pistol from an old friend and has modded his latest blade to encompass a shotgun to better cover mid range combat.

Crescent_Striker.png Jin.png

After some free time to himself in his workshop, Jin decided it was best to switch out his old helmet for something less familiar and while he was at it a fresh coat of red couldn’t hurt.

Striker.png Jin2.0.png


Created from the DNA samples of owned specialists and mercenaries, Jin was the 6th in a batch of 20 clones designed to be a cost effective and more trustworthy alternative to runners for a corp that shall remain nameless. By 2069 Jin had left the program named Eclipse and struck out on his own eventually encountering Heihachi and leading him to Seattle.

Struggling to find decent/legal work with a half machine body and a shady past to boot, Jin followed the advice of his long time teacher and friend Heihachi. Polishing up his old chameleon suit and reassembling his monofilament sword he was soon introduced to the fixer Trance and a new team of comrades in which he’d share many an adventure.

Re entering the only line of work that ever suited him, Jin just wants to afford nicer living conditions for himself and his partner, Neomi.

Jin "Crescent Striker"

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