Sees All, Tells Less


Apparent Clairvoyant


Louis is a male Elf living in the Barrens of Seattle. He does not appear to have an occupation, but during his encounter with the party he displayed the ability to glean insights into several party members’ lives. This ability conveyed itself by way of cryptic messages that Louis seemed unwilling to elaborate on, even when pressed to do so by Chalk.

Louis appears to live with Simone and seems to see her as some kind of protector. He referred briefly to some perceived danger from many people who want to (or would want to) hurt him because of his abilities. The stress of this danger seems to have taken its toll on him, as he looks perpetually exhausted, ill, and on the verge of collapse.

Louis’ powers took on a slightly more sinister tone when the team found him in a new location under the care of Boston John. After looking into his eyes, Dawn was given what was apparently a glimpse into his mind, being taken along on a daydream/vision which resulted in some very disturbing imagery. Upon assensing him, Ahriman described his aura as “wrong”. Nonetheless, Louis was able to give the team some valuable information with regards to where their target, Alev Chinova, disappeared in the Barrens.


Running Uphill Wadling