Sharon Norris

In Need of an Attitude Adjustment


Horizon Employee
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Sharon Norris came from a particularly bitter childhood. Her father was a successful business owner in healthy cooperation with Aztechnology. Her mother, an enterprising ad-woman in the same field. Being an only child, and having had no success with her own academic work or business practices, she came to think of herself as a failure. Her parents’ efforts to motivate her only served to fortify her stubbornness and belief that hard work was all a waste of time. Slowly becoming estranged from her family, her mother’s last ditch effort was to sarcastically suggest that Sharon apply for a position at Horizon, as their charitable attitudes might rub off on her.

Not long after, her parents were murdered while on a business trip to secure a contract with another megacorp, though Sharon never discovered which. Her family business was assimilated by Aztechnology before she had even heard the news, and with nothing left of her family other than the sarcastic last words that her mother had spoken to her, she applied for a job at Horizon.

Her attitude has yet to change, however, despite her Horizon surroundings. As a middle-management flunky her job is largely depressing and leading nowhere. Her only source of real entertainment is the possibility of exploiting Ariel during any clandestine meetings the two might have.

Fairly recently, there have been rumors around Sharon’s office that she has come into a substantial piece of paydata. Further rumors indicate that she is being considered for promotion.

Sharon Norris was promoted to an unrevealed but apparently prestigious position within Horizon. She was happy to tell Ariel that, in no uncertain terms, her services would cost more as a result.

Sharon Norris

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