Six Faces, No Brains


Free spirit with a black, blobby body and an oversized head with six faces covering it.
Professional privacy invader.


As with most Free Spirits, not much is known about Six-Face’s background. Aside from spying on people, his two joys in life seem to be eating rats and carrying on inane conversations between each of his faces.

While not appearing to be overtly threatening, Six-Face’s encounters with the party have caused many of the members to be on edge, most notably Ariel and Ahriman. After Six-Face followed Ahriman home, Ariel concluded that he was too large a threat to be left alone. Ariel spent the following week researching the spirit in order to ascertain exactly how dangerous he was.

The party is currently in hiding from the spirit, as Ariel has convinced the party that Six-Face could cause harm to them and their loved ones.

Ariel discovered Six-Face’s true name via a drug-induced metaplanar quest, and planned to bind the spirit with it. After the quest, Six-Face was successfully bound and subsequently killed by Ariel with the use of Black Guardian Vines, which pulled him into a biofiber box, sapping him of his force and destroying him entirely.


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