Horizon, a AAA Megacorporation based in Los Angeles, is well known amongst the public and shadowrunners alike as being the corporation with the best reputation. Being the youngest of the megacorporations (known as the ‘Rising Star’ corp), Horizon takes a different approach to business, and seems to be genuinely intent on changing the world for the better. This may be because it was born out of the ‘Horizon Project’, a group of concerned politicians and industry leaders that came together in a time of crisis: 2061, the Year of the Comet, a time of unparalleled magical chaos.

The Horizon Project was headed by unlikely chairman (and later CEO) Gary Cline, former B-movie action star and Ork-movement poster boy turned Horizon Internal Persona number one. His fame and charm did wonders in establishing the Project as a trustworthy source of leadership. After restoring peace and stability to LA., The Horizon Project expanded from its ‘think tank’ roots into a fully fledged corporation. After the Matrix Crash 2.0, which left most corporations (and even megacorporations) devastated, Horizon was able to take advantage of the tragedy and consume a number of struggling companies, thus growing to achieve the status of a megacorporation.

Horizon’s corporate interests lie in public relations, media and entertainment. Their policies seem to rely on honesty and cooperation rather than the strong arm tactics most corporations employ. They believe in beating the competition by making a better product rather than attacking their competitors. As such, Horizon has rarely been reported to sanction the use of dirty tactics such as assassinations and involuntary extractions in order to enhance their position. Shadowrunners working for Horizon report that they pay well, are respectful and forthcoming, and willing to share intelligence. Furthermore, their policy of responding to threats on their own ground with nothing but non-lethal force has made them very popular with Shadowrunners. Even their matrix security is focused on disrupting a hacker’s electronics rather than attacking the hacker themselves.

Inversely, a new trend emerging amongst runners is to be hesitant or in some cases completely opposed to running against Horizon. Due to the amount of charity work the corporation undertakes, some runners believe that their reputation will be harmed as a result of the moral implications. This attitude is helped along by the fact that as a major media outlet, Horizon would be in the perfect position to distribute the damning news. It is not uncommon for Horizon to twist runs against them into news stories resulting in increased profits for Horizon and a drop in sales for the offending party.

Of course, many runners are also suspicious of Horizon specifically because they seem to appear so innocent and friendly. But every runner must make their own judgements.

Sharon Norris used to be a flunky employed at Horizon, though she was recently promoted.


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