The Night Shift

Leader: Birdseye
Second-In-Command: Lucia
Other members: Silicon-31, Citizen Scoundrel, Psycho Motoko, Phase

The Night Shift first came into the ever ironic Shadowrunning spotlight in 2069. Each member of the team had suffered severe contact loss after The Crash 2.0, and were contacted by then small-time fixer Trance with an offer of a fresh beginning. Together, the team was able to keep its head above water, but remained an insignificant entity for quite some time.

In 2070, the team was able to take advantage of the emergence of Technomancers, who began appearing all over the world. At first, the team engaged with the witch hunt that was started by the media, and worked for corporations hunting down this new breed of awakened metahumans. After Technomancers started to become sympathetic in much of the shadows, however, Trance fitted The Night Shift with its own Technomancer teammate, Phase. After this, the team was able to solidify its position as pro-Technomancer and made a considerable profit both in nuyen and their public image working as an arm of revolution.

In 2071, the new teammate, Phase, became a victim of the Tempo Crisis that ravaged Seattle. As the supply and demand of Tempo (a Bioengineered Awakened Drug) in the city increased dramatically, so did the number of Lone Star raids, gang wars, smuggling operations, riots, etc. This was potentially good news for any Shadowrunner, as both pro and anti-gang operations revolving around the Tempo drug quickly became a lucrative business opportunity. But the harsh reality was that many Shadowrunners fell victim to the drug themselves due to a combination of social/media hype and the average Shadowrunner’s close proximity to the drug during missions. Phase became addicted to Tempo after sampling the stock during a smuggling operation, and was later killed by Lone Star forces during a drug raid.

After Phase’s death, The Night Shift participated heavily in anti-Tempo operations. Even going so far as to fly out to Los Angeles, Caracas and Hong Kong to pursue and uncover Tempo labs. The Tempo Crisis died down in 2072, however, and the team seems to have abandoned their crusades in favour of more traditional Shadowrunner activities since then.

The Night Shift is notable for being one of the few Shadowrunning teams to fully embrace a strict leadership structure. While each member of the team is able to act with complete autonomy off-mission, the chain of command during ’Runs is clear. The team also conducts itself much like a military unit, which is often seen as a negative amongst the chaotic, free world of the shadows.

The Night Shift

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