Doc Crank

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Street Doc
Striker’s Contact


Once a promising member of Doc Wagon, Doc Crank has since been forced to turn to the streets. The official file will state that Crank’s position was terminated due to medical negligence that lead to a high ranking corp official’s death on the operating table. Crank himself tells a different story. One of corporate intrigue, backstabbing and old grudges. Whatever the reason, Crank has been working on the streets of Seattle for years, and has yet to encounter a person who couldn’t sway him from his surly disposition.

Whatever his attitude, Doc Crank is a medical professional first and a hard-ass second. With training in cyberware and bioware implantation as well as vast experience in the more typical forms of emergency surgical procedures, he has made quite a name for himself on the streets. His metatype works against him in this regard, however, as many potential patients have avoided his business after discovering that he is a Troll. His expertise has allowed him to stay afloat amidst the stigma regardless, as all those who dare to become a patient of his soon discover the quality of his work.

Crank recently had a run-in with one of his distant customers, Crescent Striker. The two discussed possible implant procedures while harassing one another with pleasantries and thrown medical utensils. Crank later performed the autopsy on Striker’s clone ‘brother’, 17, before offering his body disposal services at a discount.

Doc Crank

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