It's He, The G


Leader of the G-Force, an all Ork Barrens gang.
Striker’s contact and dream-child.


G-Man was first introduced to the team as nothing more than a bystander in the rundown bar, The Coda. Crescent Striker later made this bar his regular hangout while off the job and befriended G-Man and his motley crew. Together, this rag-tag team of adventurers planned an opportunistic takeover of a small-time racist drug-peddling Humanis-wannabe gang run by Cain, a local street thug.

While Cain and his top men were busy being set up for execution by a Knight Errant strike force, G-Man and Striker lead an attack on Cain’s headquarters. They quickly dispatched the remnants of the gang using shock-and-awe tactics, before robbing the derelict penthouse of its merchandise. Namely, several large crates of narcotics.

With a healthy stash of drugs to sell and some semblance of a name on the streets, G-Man officially founded the G-Force and set up his new gang in a more profitable location. Since then he has been making steady profits both in nuyen and new gang members. However, recent pressure from neighbouring gangs has put him in somewhat of a dire situation. Without help, the G-Force may be crushed.


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