Joie Gaspar

Inebriated Analyst


Forensic Analyst
Sherry Enthusiast


Joie Gaspar is a freelance forensic analyst. She is apparently working alone, with only high quality security and utility drones to keep her company, along with the odd visit from her customers. Her lab is located behind a front in the style of a tatty, graffiti-ridden warehouse loading dock. Despite the grungy exterior, the lab itself appears to be a spotless and efficient.

Joie has assisted the team in analysing blood and Ork saliva samples found at the scene of Alev Chinova’s murder, leading to the theory that the culprit had viciously bitten Chinova or a member of his security team during the assault. The team discovered Joie after being pointed in her direction by a mysterious text message.

Joie is clearly not a Seattle native. Her previous life outside of the UCAS may explain how she was able to pay for such an illustrious lab setup by herself, as well as why she is in Seattle in the first place.

Joie Gaspar

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