Fine-Tuning Fixer-Upper


Middle-aged human gentleman, rarely seen without a pinstripe suit and pinwheels somewhere on his person.
Ahriman’s contact


Trance is fairly well known in the Seattle Shadowrunning scene as a reliable fixer with a steady record of giving his runners solid work. Oddly enough for a man in his profession, there has been almost no word of double-crosses, ripping off or general shady dealings from any of his teams, even in his early years. This either makes him one of the most honest men left in Seattle, or one of the least trustworthy, depending on who you ask.

Trance has a reputation for putting the perfect complimentary members of a runner team together, seemingly at a moment’s notice. His typical strategy appears to be to acquire team members when they are either new and vulnerable, or down on their luck, and present himself as their ticket to the top of the ladder. Indeed, a number of teams both in and outside of Seattle can be heard attributing their success to Trance’s intervention, such as The Night Shift. However, for a man who deals mostly in rookies and runners who have screwed up, there is very little talk of failure when it comes to his business.


Running Uphill Wadling